Terms and Conditions

The contractor will act in the best interest of the client to provide a safe and stable environment.  If any conditions are discovered that could be a detriment to the client or the health and safety of the client, it will be brought to the client’s attention.  Additional costs may occur when issues are uncovered during the course of construction.

The client will be required to choose the finishes for their project.  The paint, tile, lighting, cabinetry, stone, etc will be the choice of the client.  The contractor has a set budget for each of the finish materials and any finishes / products chosen that are more costly will be the responsibility of the customer.

Cabinetry must be ordered in advance for the projects.  Once the cabinetry is ordered, the client cannot change the order without occurring additional costs.

A client will be added to the schedule once a 50% deposit of the total cost is paid.  In certain circumstances, clients may be presented a payment schedule that denotes milestones in the construction project for partial payments.  Payments must be made by check or Cashier’s check made payable to Elijah Harrison Construction LLC.  If the client wishes to use electronic payment methods, the contractor will have the funds transferred directly to the bank.  Any other payment arrangements can be determined and agreed upon separately.  If a client is not able to meet their payment deadlines, contractor reserves the right to stop work until payment is received. 

If a client chooses to cancel their project without cause prior to the start of the project, they must alert the general contractor at least 60 days prior to the start of the project.  If the project is cancelled without a 60-day notice, there will be a 25% cancellation fee and the client will be billed for any project materials, labor, and administrative costs incurred for the project.  If a client chooses to cancel their project without cause during the course of the project, contractor will retain all deposits paid by the client and recoup any losses over the amount of the deposit to include cancellation fees and legal fees.  Contractor has 180 days from the time of client’s termination to refund any refundable fees the client. 

When a client wishes to add additional services during the course of the project, verbally or in writing, they will be billed at the conclusion of the project for the additional work.  Payment will be due when the project has reached substantial completion.  

Clients will allow access to the project site.  Contractor will request a key or entry access to the property during the project.  If clients visit the construction site, they will be required to wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment.

Clients must maintain an active insurance policy on the property.  

Any legal fees incurred during the course of business will be charged to the client.

Photos will be taken prior to the start of the project and at intervals during the course of the project.  The photos will be the property of Elijah Harrison Construction and can be used at their discretion.  

Terms and conditions may change and be updated.

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